An independent TEDx event celebrating student voice.

March 8 at South Island School

TEDxTSIS 2017: Crossing Paths

10:35am - 12:35pm. 2/F School Hall, South Island School

What is TEDx?

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is called TEDxTSIS, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxTSIS event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

What is TEDxTSIS?

On Wednesday, March 8 at South Island School, inspiring speakers from South Island School and the wider Hong Kong community will converge to discuss crossing paths in a city at the frontier where East meets West.

Event Rundown

10:35 AM The Show Begins

10:45 AM Chris Schrader: The Power of You

11:00 AM Sana Khullar: Let's Get Rational

11:10 AM Larissa Tang: This is Art

11:30 AM 5-Minute Intermission

11:50 AM Eric Wishart: Fighting Alternative Facts

12:05 PM Joy Lee: The Art of Getting It Together

12:20 PM Mahira Kumar: Be Curious, Not Judgemental


Meet The Team

TEDxTSIS is independently produced by a team of volunteers who work hard to pull off events like these. This is the team that helped produce this event from start to finish.

Event Organisers

Felix Lui

Head Organizer

Felix is the Head Organizer of TEDxTSIS. He is an enthusiast of TED and TED Ed videos and talks, specifically those related to technology and physics. His wide range of interests, from football to aviation, inspires him to organise a diverse, unique and interesting TEDx at South Island School.

Lottie Flood

Head Organizer

Lottie is the co-head organiser of TEDxTSIS, a role she is greatly honoured to hold. After holding different leadership roles and participating in other events both inside and outside of school, she found the best way to channel her passion for world affairs and big ideas to the wider school community through TEDxTSIS. She is extremely excited to work with a diverse team of students who all share an interest in propagating “ideas worth spreading” and can’t wait for the conference on March 8th!

Keshav Menon

Assistant Head Organizer

Keshav is the Assistant Head Organiser of TEDx@TSIS. After speaking in the event two years ago, Keshav was inspired to be a part of a platform that encouraged people to spread ideas worth spreading. He is excited to hear the innovative and thoughtful ideas being presented at this years TEDx conference.

Anirudh Kannan

Assistant Head Organizer

Anirudh is the Assistant Head Organiser of TEDx@TSIS. His experience with journalism and writing opinion pieces for the Young Post has led to him having an unwavering belief in the ability of new, unconventional ideas to have impact at scale. Having lived in five countries by his 10th birthday, he brings a cultured and unique viewpoint to the team, as well as an appreciation for the unconventional commonalities as well as differences between cultures around the world. He is excited to bring the theme of ‘Crossing Paths’ to South Island this March.


Izzie Crouch

Head Curator

Izzie is the Head Curator of TEDxTSIS, and has worked closely with speakers; crafting and ensuring the innovative ideas that are on show today are delivered fluidly. She aims to shine light on the through provoking qualities offered by the topic of Crossing Paths. Izzie is a true advocate of the TED platform, and is positive that the speeches that you will hear today will plant the seeds for further thinking and even action.

Mina Lam

Assistant Head Organizer

Mina is the Assistant Curator of TEDxTSIS. She is excited to work with this year’s speakers to deliver new ideas and look at world issues through new perspectives. By drawing on her experience as a speechwriter and as an avid listener to TED talks, she hopes that this year’s speeches will not only inform, but have a lasting impact on the way you think.


Finn Drumgoole

Head Event Manager

Finn is the Head Executive Producer for this year’s TEDxTSIS event and is very excited to be part of the team. She has admired the TED organisation for a very long time, and enjoys being involved in any event planning opportunities that come her way. Finn has also been part of the organizing team for other school events, such as Nightfest, and hopes to bring the skills she has developed from being on that team to this event in order to make it the best TEDxTSIS event possible!

Ravindri Paranagama

Head Event Manager

Ravindri is the Head Event Manager for TEDxTSIS, and could not be more excited for March 8th, showcasing new ideas and innovation to both SIS and the wider community. Ravindri has watched TED talks during lessons at school and has also taken interest in watching them at times of leisure, as she finds them extremely inspirational and motivational. Ravindri believes TEDxTSIS will serve the perfect platform to positively share “ideas worth spreading”, giving everyone different perspectives in regards to their surroundings, in an encouraging and spirited manner.

Nikhil Manglani

Assistant Event Manager

Nikhil Manglani is the Assistant Event Manager at TEDxTSIS. His job is to send out invites, dealing with on-day logistics and helping the speakers backstage to ensure that they are ready for their talks. Nikhil has a passion for TED videos and the talks. When he needs to revise for a test, he ends up watching TED talks. He is extremely happy to help organise and is excited to hear the incredibly influential talks at the event.


Daniel Purefoy

Head Marketing Manager

​Daniel Purefoy is the assistant marketing manager at TEDxTSIS. He is responsible for helping to promote the event and ensure the student body is excited for the event. He has leadership experience working as the House Bauhinia links rep in the Maison leadership team. He hopes to bring the students of South Island School a memorable experience, by connecting them with unique individuals who are keen to share their experiences.

Christy Wong

Assistant Marketing Manager

​Christy Wong is the assistant Marketing Manager at TEDxTSIS. She is responsible for promoting the event and ensuring that the South Island student body is aware of and looking forward to the event. Christy has been active in a number of student-led movements in the past few years and is passionate in her area of work. She is also very excited to see the speakers of the event showcase their ‘stories’ through the platform of TEDxTSIS and explore the ideas which are influential to the South Island, Hong Kong, and global community.

Graphic and Web Design and Production

Kyle Li

Head Graphic Design Production Manager

​Kyle is the Graphic Designer and Production Manager of the TEDxTSIS event. His primary focus is promoting the TEDxTSIS image through innovative and unique ways using graphical design skills in order to make a difference. Outside of this event, Kyle has also developed as the Head of Advertising for Nightfest 2015, runs the South Island School MaD Council, and coordinates his own studio internationally.

Zaid Syed

Assistant Graphic and Web Design Production Manager

​Zaid is thrilled to be a part of the team that brings the prestigious TEDx brand to South Island School for the third year running. As graphic and web designer, Zaid builds and maintains the TEDxTSIS website, and creates marketing material for TEDxTSIS.

Stage Design

Christina So

Head Stage Designer

​Christina is the Stage Designer for this year’s TEDxTSIS event, she is very excited to create a stage that encapsulates the theme of “Crossing Paths” and create a platform that will help the inspiring speakers spread their ideas. She will design, organize and arrange a space that will best suit the function of this event as well as well as evaluate and recommend ideas for the purpose and aesthetic possibility of the TEDxTSIS stage. This includes making sketches of the stage and creating a design that adheres to the budget, making stage props and preparing a production schedule that oversees the set building and decoration process of the stage. Her past experience in GCSE Art and current engagement with IB Art will definitely be a help in contribution to the team. She is an enthusiast of TED talks and is committed to design excellence.

Andrea Zoen

Assistant Stage Designer

​Andrea is the Assistant Stage Designer for this year’s TEDxTSIS event. Her job consists of designing and creating props for the stage in a unique way that will express the theme of “Crossing Paths”. Outside of TEDx, Andrea has been an active member in the SIS community as the Maison House Captain and hopes to bring her skills from this to TEDx.

Video and Production Management

Jake Grubb

Video and Production Manager

​Jake is a media student at South Island School. An amateur photographer and cinematographer, he hopes to one day turn those interests to a professional level. Aside from working on films within the GCSE and BTEC film courses, Jake has also done a number of client pieces such as filming corporate events and various on-stage performances. He also enjoys reading, watching films, painting and playing drums. His favourite film is Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and his favourite book is The Martian.

Lucy Wang

Assistant Video and Production Manager

​Lucy is the Assistant Video and Production Manager at TEDXTSIS. Demonstrating a strong interest in Media and film studies, she is extremely excited to work alongside other determined and talented individuals for the editing and filming of TEDx. Her passion for film derived from her comprehensive 2-year GCSE course on advertising and film in modern-day media. Having done short-films on sophisticated topics like adoption, she has acquired the skills necessary to produce quality films. Lucy’s short film was also recognized by the GCSE Bodega Media Award. Aside from TEDX, Lucy is an affable individual who believes in the need to initiate change for the amelioration of society. She believes that TEDx will be a platform that reforms minds.

Tsz Wai Kwok

Assistant Video and Production Manager

​Tsz Wai is the Assistant Video and Production Manager of TEDxTSIS. He is responsible for creating promotional videos, livestreaming the event, and editing videos after the event. Tsz Wai has been active in student-led initiatives, and has taken roles involving video and photography at nightfest and in assemblies. His interest in video and production stems from GCSE Media Studies, in which he took an active role as a cinematographer in producing short films, which have been nominated for three film awards. Tsz Wai is very excited for TEDxTSIS, and believes that it the event is a valuable opportunity for students to express thoughts and ideas that others may not necessarily have access to.

Finance and Sponsorship Management

Jonathan Lei

Finance and Sponsorship Manager

​Jonathan is the Head of Finance for TEDxTSIS 2016. He is a TED enthusiast who strongly supports the fostering and sharing of ideas worth spreading. Ever since he discovered the TED conferences, he has been following them closely and intently. He believes that hosting such an event in our school will undoubtedly ‘make a difference’ to both ourselves and society. His interests lie in mathematics, music, and engaging in academic, intellectual discussions.

Karen Yan

Assistant Finance and Sponsorship Manager

​Karen is the Assistant Head of Finance for TEDxTSIS. It is her first year getting involved in the TEDx event, and she is looking forward to working with new people. She believes that TEDxTSIS is a great opportunity for students from her own community to share their personal experiences in a fun yet educating manner. Aside from TEDx, she has also been involved in organising events such as the 24 Hour Famine, Food Drive and the Interhouse Beach Clean Up. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing tennis and reading.

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