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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My favorite new writing app, Ulysses, just launched their universal app to the world, adding an iPhone version of the professional writing app, after three months of beta-testing. Also check out their new site, which looks great, and expect a review on Yellow Signal soon.

Meanwhile, as The Soulmen co-founder Marcus puts it so eloquently in the blog post, write your fingers bloody.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

I reviewed Ulysses for OS X for Yellow Signal, my site for app reviews and interviews.

You should read the whole review, but I’m really happy with the mini-interview toward the end of the review with Marcus Fehn, the co-founder of The Soulmen. He’s a really smart guy, and I liked his response about developing for iPad:

The platform restrictions are immense. Screen real estate is very limited, tap targets are huge, there are only a couple of obvious ways to allow interaction etc. For example, we have just submitted a new version which allows iPad users to collapse groups in the sidebar. This is a very basic, well-learned action on Mac: Click the disclosure triangle, done. On iPad, there is no established method to do this, so you need to create your own. And once you do, in come the follow-up problems: How do you manage move operations? How do you manage nested groups? How do you teach users about the options?

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