Ulysses Launches iPhone App as Universal Update to iPad App

My favorite new writing app, Ulysses, just launched their universal app to the world, adding an iPhone version of the professional writing app, after three months of beta-testing. Also check out their new site, which looks great, and expect a review on Yellow Signal soon.

Meanwhile, as The Soulmen co-founder Marcus puts it so eloquently in the blog post, write your fingers bloody.

Yellow Signal: Ulysses 2.0 Review

I reviewed Ulysses for OS X for Yellow Signal, my site for app reviews and interviews.

You should read the whole review, but I’m really happy with the mini-interview toward the end of the review with Marcus Fehn, the co-founder of The Soulmen. He’s a really smart guy, and I liked his response about developing for iPad:

The platform restrictions are immense. Screen real estate is very limited, tap targets are huge, there are only a couple of obvious ways to allow interaction etc. For example, we have just submitted a new version which allows iPad users to collapse groups in the sidebar. This is a very basic, well-learned action on Mac: Click the disclosure triangle, done. On iPad, there is no established method to do this, so you need to create your own. And once you do, in come the follow-up problems: How do you manage move operations? How do you manage nested groups? How do you teach users about the options?