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11 October 2016 • 290 words

After literally months of work, I’m finally ready to launch a project I’ve been working on: Discourse, an interview podcast about the story behind influential people. I discovered podcasts three years ago, and have continued to be fascinated by the various formats and styles of podcasts that are possible within this medium, whether they’re interview… MORE ↓

The iPhone SE

27 March 2016 • 726 words

When the iPhone 5s launched in September of 2013, it was, for a lot of people, a less exciting launch than that of the iPhone 5 the year before. A tock product of Apple’s tick-tock iPhone release cycle, it was, by definition, an iteration of the phone the year before. Externally, the lauded design remained… MORE ↓

Command-Z Favorites: 2015

5 January 2016 • 1568 words

2015 has been a spectacular year indeed. This year has been one of the busiest yet for Apple, who have expanded their product reach to a whole new level with the intimate companion the Apple Watch tries to be, as well as relaunching the Apple TV with a promising (yet underdeveloped) focus on apps as… MORE ↓

The Facebook Conundrum

8 December 2015 • 686 words

I read all kinds of technology articles in my spare time, ranging from those produced by independent writers to large technology columns by journalists with years of experience behind them. I love reading about technology, but there’s one area in which many writers, no matter their experience or education can write truly accurately, and that’s… MORE ↓