Command-Z is written and produced by Zaid Syed. It’s a weblog centered around tech and design, with the occasional emphasis on blogging in general and education. I’m a student by occupation, but I do both freelance web and graphic design. My portfolio is available on this site and Pathbrite.com. You can get in touch with me for design and development work in the contact section.

Posts are usually divided into two types: linked posts and articles. Linked posts link to articles on external sites. I usually describe the link in the post. Articles are longer posts that are hosted on this site. These are usually reviews, opinions, or rants. Linked posts are generally quite frequent, whereas articles are more intermittent; and are generally published once a month.

I’m @syedzq on Twitter. You can also take a look at the contact page for more info.


This site is hosted on HostGator (“We eat up the competition”) and this blog is powered by WordPress.

The linked-list posts are possible through the DFLL plugin by YJ Soon. The theme for this blog was made entirely by me. I am now available for freelance work.

About Affiliate Links

This site uses iTunes affiliate links. This means I’ll get a small kickback if you click and purchase iTunes content I link to. It’s a simple business model, and helps me supplement my family income. You don’t have to click if you don’t want to.

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